Big Orange Orb Seen in Pretoria

Place: Pretoria North
Time and date: 21 December 2012
Submitted by: Michael Walters

Big round orange ball moved from North to South. Made no sound and the light went out halfway, but I could still see the dark black spot disappearing in the South. If that UFO moved outside our atmosphere then from the size I saw then that was VERY big.

9 thoughts on “Big Orange Orb Seen in Pretoria

  1. Who saw the 3 orange lights just after 12 pm last night while watching the fireworks for 2013 in Pretoria. they moved very fast from north to south. The 1st one pass and then immediatedly thereafter the 2nd and then followed by the 3rd. not the same colour as last sigting but same size as previous moving opposite direction as last time… everyone that were in Pretoria last night watching the fireworks must have seen it!!!

  2. I saw the exact same thing. Northcliiff Johannesburg

  3. Jhb South – saw the same orange orbs last night. No audible sound one expects from a turbine engine at what seemed fast speeds. Searching on Google sees these sightings common around the world. Why is mainstream media ignoring this. To be frank, I’m no UFO fundi, but all searches almost exclusively lands up at a UFO related s

  4. Saw it. No sound. No explanation. Jhb south. Midnight. No mainstream media coverage. Sighting all around the world for a while now.

  5. I just cant believe people think its ufo’s. you take paper and make a baloon with a hole in the bottem. then take a tinfoil tray an put toiletpaper drenched in parafin …. light it up and let it fly. no sound and as your wind speed is higher at altitude it will move realy fast. Thats what everybody saw. what a joke….

  6. We saw the same thought it was satellite but was traveling too low and too fast to be a baloon

  7. Jaco, some might well be lanterns, with the naked eye they look about the same, but I have seen both through binoculars and there is no comparison. You can clearly see when it is a lantern and when it is not.

  8. Saw the same thing on Dec 24th Newlands Johannesburg around 23:46 object just floated by with no sound just a single orange light.If anyone has a pic of a paper tin foil balloon please post so that we can actualy see what it looks like.

  9. Okay Chinese Lantern believers….explain this….when the orbs moved behind the clouds, they made a dark circular shadow on the cloud. Then….Chinese lanterns fly and stay alight till about 1000 feet…low clouds are at about 6000 feet. Ahem……still nor convinced.

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