Green falling star but not

Date: 25/02/2018
Time: 09:40 am
Place: Weltevredenpark
Submitted by: Lyn


I was looking out the window last evening and saw a large, bright, round green light with a whitish tail streak across the sky going from northerly to south westerly direction. There was absolutely no sound, so it could not have been a plane crash (also none reported overnight). It was moving way faster than any high level aeroplane which sometimes passes overhead us and it appeared to be travelling level below the cloud cover, so it could not have been a falling star. It could also not have been a firework, as no sound preceded or followed it…and it did not fall directly downwards or in any arc. No idea what it could have been. It held a steady path. There was also no reflection up into or off of the clouds above. Sadly, I was not able to record it as it took but a second to pass overhead and out of sight.

Object seen in dark of night

Date: 16/02/2018
Time: 08:28 pm
Place: Paarl
Submitted by: W*


I was casually sitting on my stoop in the Eastern suburbs of Paarl, looking over the night sky to the north. My eyes wandered across the horizon, above the roof of the house across from us and I saw an object against the dark night sky. The object made no sound but a dim beam shone down. Now, how I saw the object with no light was the reflection of the city’s lights onto the object. I could see this dark object against the blue on the night. I saw it move in a northerly direction. The dim beam shone down in a cone shape – from close under the object to where the beam ‘ended’ was wider than where the light came from. The sighting lasted for about 5 seconds before it. I tried calling my Dad to witness but when he came out the object had faded and I could no longer see the shape in the direction it was heading.


Date: 23/01/2018
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by:


Myself and two other colleague spotted a red light flashing, on what seemed to an be aircraft. However the height, inconsistent flashing and silence made us think that it cannot be an Airplane / Helicopter, as well the object stopping in mid-air. We assume that it was a drone due to its erratic flying patterns, moving really fast across the sky, but its was really high up and behind / above clouds? What was most strange was it disappearing for a good few seconds and then reappearing a few meters at another place. I am not aware of any drone that is able to turn of the red LED light that is usually on a standard drone. Also as it started moving further away at a faster pace, The red flashing light changed into a white and more rapid flashing light and then it stopped and flashed Red once again. Then it vanished?

Cigar shape over Benoni

Date: 20/01/2018
Time: 06:55 pm
Place: Benoni
Submitted by: Marius Marx


Saw a cigar shape yellow and black object flying from south to north I first thought it was a bag in the wind but using the binoculars and the size of itand the distance from us it could not be a bag. Was to var away to take any snaps.

we arenot erlown

Date: 18/01/2018
Time: 03:01 am
Place: moller piont
Submitted by: nazeem


hay gay,s this the zeerocks ergain are hade er norder exsperehins last nithg this is the 7 went time i am seeing ufo,s last nithg for the firts time i saw 3 ufo,s at the same time orbiting at firts i tort it was er plain flying with er star but i am i nuts and den er tert star starter to move the seccon star hade er flick so too flying stars and er sume ting tath look like er plain at nithg seckon tort its er satel lithg no its space sips and i am going to get the everdins going to recort one of my sithings i know now we are not erlown u know defers was last nitgh it got scary er lown on moller piont beats with aliens in shyt wath i starter to ting of obduckting,s this is the zeerocks i will find that recortding for u gays zeerocks out

Sighting over Midrand

Date: 18/01/2018
Time: 08:35 pm
Place: Midrand
Submitted by:


We saw a white blinking moving light north of Orion’s Belt. Moving initially in a southerly direction towards Orion’s Belt. before reaching Orion’s Belt the trajectory changed to a westerly direction. The frequency was not regular. There was no sound. No colours either.