Neon Green Flashing Light

Date: 08/06/2017
Time: 11:15 pm
Place: Flamingo Vlei, Tableview Cape Toen
Submitted by: Michael Bezuidenhout


Hi there,
I just saw a neon green light that flew over in Tableview area. No sound, within seconds it was gone. Very bright in colour. No chance at all to get a picture, but it was amazing.

Unknown fast moving stars?

Date: 06/06/2017
Time: 07:45 pm
Place: in Gordonsbay
Submitted by: Olga


The moving stars or satellites were not in formation but at ons stage about 15 or more moving from grabouw side towards cape town it looked like different size satellites we initially thought it was airplanes coming in to land – but they appeared much higher.And after about twenty minutes they were gone it could have been more.

Blue and purple light flashing in the sky

Date: 01/06/2017
Time: 11:45 pm
Place: Rooiwal, Pretoria North
Submitted by: Jaco


So I was driving home from work and all of a sudden I saw this dark blue purple light flashing , I look to my left to above and there was no clouds neither thunder, seconds later it started again but this time it was flashing 3 times but it was covering in a circel shaped angle and then it disappears. Never saw anything like it before and from where Im staying at its abnormal from its all farm roads and no street lights.

strange object sighted over Bethulie, Free State

Date: 02/06/2017
Time: 07:30 am
Place: Bethulie
Submitted by: Zeenat Sharaf


looked liked a bright flickering star with the naked eye. When you look through a binoculars, you can see a circle with bright blue, red and green lights moving in a circular motion. Also moved from time to time in a zig zag motion. Could spot it for about 90 min.

Lights over Melville area

Date: 30/05/2017
Time: 06:06 am
Place: Melville area
Submitted by: Johann Smith


We traveled on 5th through Newlands when we spotted the object. It appeared to be over the Melville area. It was definitely not a star – refer to shape. It stood still, maybe hovering and then moved forward slowly and then lights went off or the object moved away.

Three lights seen North of Roodekrans, Roodepoort

Date: 17/05/2017
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: Roodekrans, Roodepoort
Submitted by:


At around 22h00 my wife and I were sitting on our balcony for a last cigarette before turning in, when she noticed a slowly-pulsating light to the North of us, above the ridge-line of a hill-line that we stay near. When I finally managed to pick it out, I noted that it was clearly above the ridge-line of the hill.

After a minute or so, I fired up my phone’s camera to film this light. I braced on the handrail of the balcony so that there wouldn’t be any video shaking as is too often in videos of such things.

while filming, I could make out a second object to the left of the first, but only on the phone screen and not visually. there also seemed to be a third, above the second light, also only visible on the phone’s screen.

The objects seemed to be moving in a vertical fashion at first (they moved slowly upwards at about the same rate as a star would), but then stopped, and moved down again (counter to the movement of stars) until they stopped just above the ridge line. it was at this point that I started filming, hoping for some more motion from them. Unfortunately they hung motionless in the air for the next 15 minutes before disappearing.

I managed to film approximately 8-9 minutes of it, but my phone unfortunately ran out of storage space before the end of the sighting. Also, the footage doesn’t show much beyond street lights and the lights/objects above.

Tonight (the following evening, I observed the same location to confirm that it wasn’t a normal light that we haven’t noticed before; there are no lights that could account for what was observed.

I can supply further info if requested, but do not want to upload the video unless requested due to size and time constraints (1.2gb file size).

Something falling seen over Fourways

Date: 17/05/2017
Time: 05:09 pm
Place: Fourways South Africa
Submitted by: Chere


Not sure what this was. I seemed to be the only one looking at it. I was in the traffic on William Nicol and to my right I saw something that looked like it was falling out of the sky. Maybe its space junk? It had a trail behind it like planes sometimes leave. It slowly fell as I lost it behind a billboard and I managed to get pics and a video once I passed the billboard. Its the tiny white spec on the left of the tree.