Bright light falling from stationary position in night sky

Spring Gauteng – On 19 March 2019 at about 22:30 I was driving on the Paul Kruger highway towards the N12 when I noticed a very bright stationary light in the sky towards the North East. At first, I thought it might be a star but the next moment it shot down to earth extremely fast to a dead stop. The light just stood there for about 10 seconds then shot off to the East in a second.

Bright light seen over Alberton

It was the Sunday night. I was relaxing in front of the TV and decided to go to bed around 21H30 and as i step outside to close a door, i noticed a bright red light in the sky standing completely still. It was cloudy weather so i thought it could be a plane or the moon but it didn’t move at all. I called my mother to check it out so we could guess what it could be. After a few minutes it went above to clouds and vanished. I stared at spot for a while afterwords to see what it could be but there was none.

Huge Bright red light shot through the sky krugersdorp

on Friday night 15th February around 19:15 from krugersdorp, west village just off the R28, I happened to look towards the main road towards randfontein as I saw a police car and a medical emergency vehicle jump the main robot by wwest village when a huge red circular light caught the corner of my left eye, it moved in an arch like manner, similar to A rainbows arch. Within a second or two it was gone, it never made a sound and was traveling at an astonishing speed… would really like for someone to share any info if anybody els was witness to this strange light , or if any explanation to what it was would be awesome 🙂 . Thanks,

Huge Strange Flying object over Jhb & Pta 17 Feb 2019.

Not of this world & all 4 of us saw it. I am blown away from what we saw.

At about 3.30-4.00 on the early Sunday morning my Brother , Fiance , her Son and Myself were having a cigarette outside, when I happened to look up towards an clear open night sky.

I still remember mentioning how beautiful the stars were shining and just embracing the beauty.

This is when things went crazy…..

As I was looking up , at my first appearance I thought I was looking at a huge stray plastic bag , kilometers in the sky swiftted perhaps by a gush of wind far in the night sky but after focusing in on the object and seeing how the object was manoeuvring a rapid pace and at the speed that it was moving was nothing that I have ever seen before!

One hears about UFO sightings….

One thinks it can’t be , because of your Faith…..

But I know what I saw ?????

This was NOT from this world !!!!

If anyone else saw this event ????

Please please contact me back on


Saw an extremly bright light passing over bloemfontein @ 20:20pm on 16 Feb 2019. Object was moving from Langenhoven Park over Pellisier out to Thaba Nchu side. Was stil bright as it went further away. Not to sure what i saw, moving slowly at a steady pace. No flashing lights…just very bright. Hoping that anyone else saw it.

3 Flying Saucers seen in Umhlanga Rocks 1996

When I was roughly 15 years old in June of 1996, we were standing on our balcony looking at the ocean and stars in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. Both my Dad and I saw movement to our left, and as clear as day, we saw what can only be described as 3 “flying saucers”. They were next to each other, very low and moving relatively slowly out towards the ocean and towards Durban.

What amazing us was their silence, no engine noise or propeller sound at all, they had a matte grey color and similar to what is depicted as “UFO’S” in movies.

Still feels like yesterday when I saw them, and we now in 2019.

Moving object above Pinelands Cape Town 2019

I was lying outside on my back, looking up into the blue sky. I saw something, very very high, what seemed to be much higher than what planes fly – seeing that CT International Airport is just 5 minutes from me and I frequently see planes flying to / from airport.

This was what seemed like a white, round object with some sort of white light / aura. It was moving incredibly fast and it was making a turn in the sky like no plane can do. I have never seen this before, ever.

It came from Western direction, and made a curved turn, moving into the Southern direction. It shifted direction about 90°.

It went so fast, and it disappeared into the blue sky, when my eyes were unable to see it anymore. I saw it for maybe a total of no more than 10 seconds.

This is for sure unusual. I am positive this was an UFO.

Bright red light falles out the sky

15/01/2019 at about 19:10pm i was sitting out side with my girlfriend and her mom when a red light cought my girlfrinds moms eye she pointed it out it took a while to see because itbw as behind the trees so i didnt see it untill the gap in the trees. A prefect bright red light on the shape of a circle the light was really bright. Location just outside of sandton off Rivonia Rd near Rivonia junction