Lights in the sky near Heidelberg

Date: 30/10/2018
Time: 05:50 pm
Place: Heidelberg Gauteng
Submitted by: Joe


I was driving on the N3 south towards Heidelberg, about 20km away from Heidelberg when I saw a few bright lights up in the sky. I was talking on the phone and mentioned to the other person that I’m seeing these strange lights. The lights were not moving and staying in the area I know that there are no masts this high. At times the were only one or two lights, but at one stage there were more than 20. This lasted for probably about 5 minutes. I wanted to get closer to take photos but then suddenly all the lights were gone. The photo taken was by someone else who posted it on Facebook.

Bright Flash x 3 in Western Sky

Date: 27/10/2018
Time: 09:15 pm
Place: Near Wolsely on the Breede River
Submitted by: Paul Naylor


First there was a bright flash, then nothing then a second not as bright from an object moving Northwards, followed by a third and final dimmer white light. It was also observed by a colleague the night before, but an hour earlier and moving (in the Western sky) Southwards. The time for both observations would have been about 10 seconds.

Moving Star like objects

Date: 27/10/2018
Time: 08:45 pm
Place: Vaal River
Submitted by: Keith Petitt


My niece and I decided to take a walk to the river and appreciate the night beauty especially the colourful lights from the other side reflecting back at us on the water.

We both decided to lie on our back and do some star gazing as the night sky was nice and clear. It was during our search for the Three Sisters that I pointed to the stars and told her “I swear that star is moving” she had a look and confirmed that it indeed was moving amount the stars, then the debate started whether what we were looking at was indeed maybe a Satellite, my argument was that it was moving to slow to be a satellite in orbit.

I soon won the debate, as the “moving Star” changed direction and headed back towards where it came from, then just disappeared. We were both in disbelieve and our thoughts not even cold yet, when either another (or the same one) was moving across our line of sight, this one changed direction a few times and continued heading away from us.

That night my niece and I spotted a total of 5 moving objects (not sure if some were the same or all different)

I believe it’s my duty to have this somehow documented cause maybe, just maybe, someone other than us saw what we were seeing.


Meteorite looking object heading towards ground

Date: 20/10/2018
Time: 10:10 pm
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: Anonymous


I was talking a late night walk with my girlfriend in a desolate part of the UFS campus by the fields, when suddenly I saw a bright circular object hurled towards the ground about 5km away. The object was greenish bluish with a fiery tail starting off bluish at the front by the object and ending off in a red flame. The whole experience must’ve been about 5 seconds as I saw it go into the ground, yet there was no explosion on impact like other meteorites so I don’t know. Very interested to know what I saw.

WEIRD PURPLE Dancing lights in the sky

Date: 15/10/2018
Time: 01:25 am
Submitted by: ANONYMOUS


In short, after a rainfall…me and my friend was busy finnishing a project…and my friend went out to take a smoke and then he noticed that there was allot of ( dancing PURPLE lights in the sky… big and small ones) and then he called me, to come check it out… I was stunned. Because the light was bouncing as if they have life..


Bright orange lights

Date: 05/09/2018
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Mitchell's Plain and grassy park
Submitted by: Ash


Bright orange lights seen, the 1st time I was walking across a small field to get to my friend, behind he’s place is a nature reserve. As I was walking was staring at something not realizing what I’m really staring at, taking my phone out immediately calling my friend to tell him to go outside now!!!, in which the way I said it he got scared thinking there was someone in he’s yard but in fact was a orange light couldn’t describe the shape was dark but the glowing orange was visible, I was so silly took the phone out to call but didn’t register in my mind to take a video or photo
Few months later I was driving to Mitchell’s Plain and something caught my eye in the sky……
Looking up at something I did not know what it was,was 3 orange lights.
Flying next to each other and the splitting up. They were very high.
I got to my destination came outside and took a smoke break, looking up I see those lights again, knowing that it can’t be a plane coz there’s no noise and also it’s couldn’t be a plane coz the planes that do come there is low and preparing to land so it’s a restricted area.
I looking at this what I don’t know what it is, I ask the people that’s looking at it with me what the hell it is.
Up till this day I never have found out what it is …. But I made sure I made the best out of that opportunity I took out my phone and captured it on video!
I’ll try to load it up again does not want to load
Or email me

White light over CPT

Date: 06/10/2018
Time: 08:15 pm
Place: Edgemead Cape Town
Submitted by: Nick


Did anyone see for 2 or 3 seconds this BIG white triangle stripe fly across Cape Town skies over durbanville area and then burn out into nothing? Never seen anything like it before. Was wondering if it was a meteor bruning up or what. Definitely was not a shooting star as it was massive for a shooting star.

Two bigger than Stars orange lights in the sky

Date: 05/10/2018
Time: 10:32 pm
Place: Hendersonville Tn
Submitted by:


As I was sitting on my back porch looking up at the sky, I saw two orange lights. They were bigger than a normal sized star and bright orange in color. I was immediately astonished and awe-struck. One stayed in the same place for 18 minutes then disappeared. The other orange light did a 180 around the one that stood still. Then suddenly took its own path to the right and disappeared. My mouth dropped and I immediately stood up to see if it was hidden behind a tree but it was gone. So I saw one bright orange light for eighteen minutes and the other one that did the 180, for 8 seconds.


Date: 06/10/2018
Time: 03:00 am
Place: Durban KZN
Submitted by: MrE


I was Stargazing spotting 4 shooting stars one being a circular shape burning on entry but not the sighting. As the moon began to rise I spotted 2 satellites one heading south and other east. I scanned from the east one back to the southbound and saw 2 flashes, there was a delayed crack explosive sound. I looked through my Binoculars to see if somethime else would happen and I saw a bright otange triangular ship flying to the North. I dropped the Binocs and lost it. After that sighting I spotted 6 individual high flying objects with jet engine trailing sounds. 3 went through orions belt to north one east over ocean and othe went north more inland. After the sun rose i xould not see the reflections anymore but still heard 1.