Phoenix lights over Jhb South Africa

Date: 07/07/2007
Time: 08:30 pm
Place: seen it hoovering on top of Jhb.
Submitted by: Rapula Mokono


It was around 20:00-21:00 when we stopped towards Diepsloot north of jhb to pick up a friend,I was with a friend when we saw seven strange eliminating lights hoovering from beyond jhb an passed on top of randburg an branstain an towards Fourways an Lonehill Surbub.the lights were blue in colour,at that time we didnt know much about UFO’s but the lights were moving slowly in formation of a straight line till they passed Fourways an towards Diepsloot.they lights seemed to be one item the way they were moving in formetiion,same distance from each one another…they then made a turn towards midrand Suburb then disappeared from a thin air.i’ve read about all UFO sightings in SA but that sighting is not listed or no one have said anything about such phenomenal event…im not crazy people!
I know what we saw!!!

UFO sighting

Date: 27/07/2017
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Northdene, Queensburgh, Durban
Submitted by: Gerhard en Elsie Theunissen


I was sitting in the lounge when I saw 2 headlights in the sky coming towards me. My first thought was that it was an airplane (planes do not fly in this direction or altitude). I got a fright because it looked like it was going to crash into our house. I jumped up and went to the door to have a closer look, by this time it was very close but there was no sound. I called my husband to come look. He too saw it, it was now right in front of us level with the house.
At this time it turned and slowly moved passed us towards our neighbours yard in a westernly direction still silent. It then went out of view. We saw this object from the front and side. It had headlights like a car from the front, and different color lights, red, yellow, green, orange, on the side. On the underside there was three white/bluish color lights, one in the front and two in the back, that seemed too propel. The body of the object was black with a simmer, like a type of cloaking device. It was a chiselled shape. It moved with a wobble. It was a clear night with the the moon out above us. After our initial shock of the sighting we phone my husband’s mom to tell her our experience. While I was on the phone with her I notice that the moon was already setting behind the horison. In this case it was setting like 3 hours too early. It was now about 9.30. The time is not adding up for us. After this we googled for different shapes of ufo’s and found this one posted below very close to the shape we saw.

Ufo spotting in Durban sky

Date: 01/07/2017
Time: 07:45 pm
Place: Sunningdale
Submitted by: Faradh


At first glance I thought it was a plane with its green and red flashing lights,heading towards the airport. It stopped mid air and then continued moving forward. It then stopped again and appeared to reverse back to its original place and then changed direction and moved out to the sea.

Ce 5 south africa (human initiated contact with ets)

Date: 23/06/2017
Time: 02:02 am
Place: South africa
Submitted by: Timothy Woodruff


Contactsa is a group formed with the aim of initiating contact through meditation in aid of disclosure and a better world. We get A LOT of sightings every week and sometimes in consecutive days it’s very peaceful a beautiful experience and I believe many of the sightings you have seen have been a result of our efforts. If you are interested search for the contactsa group on facebook or contact myself on the ufo research article

UFO South Africa Johannesburg June 25 2017

Date: 25/06/2017
Time: 02:40 pm
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Anthony


Videos can be found on youtube:

We were looking at the birds on the rooftop and spotted these strange glowing lights hovering high up in the sky. We used binoculars and realized immediately that this was something weird (UFO). It had 3 glowing orbs that looked to be rotating and pulsating. Wow it was awesome to see… I think my sceptic wife is now a believer:)

Circular light visible for more than 4:45hrs

Date: 26/06/2017
Time: 02:15 am
Place: Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by:


I woke for some fresh air, when i opened the window there was this huge circular light in the sky which was so bright and big it had around it. I could tell it was moving because it changed positions on the buildings i used to mark its movements. The lights changed from bright to deam, you could see the lights flick as it changed to be more brighter. It stood in one position for more than an hour. The light was just well above the buildings from where i was watching, it moved higher but i did not see it move from one point to next. Again i stood there for another hour still it was even more brighter. 2 Hrs into the sighting i tried to take some pictures but i failed. I then dialled 112 to report a sighting where i was transfered to pmb police station where i explained this to the police officer who said she did not even what a ufo was, i urged them to go outside and investigate of which i doubt this happened. I then tried to call enca number on the website was not working. Called directly the police station found another officer who again had no intetest. I woke up my flatmate and son to this wonder who were equally amazed. I then called a friend asking him to take a pic around 4 as it was still visible and very bright. He took some pics though they are not clear. I called Oribi airport to investigate the lady said they had no equipment as they have never had to investigate any ufos. Tried the witness newspaper shot straight to the full voice messages box. 5am to 6am it was still there still very bright in the sky. My friend and i talked about waited to see how it was going to go out. Just before 7am it had gradually risen very high it was still visible but it was just a ver shiny big bright object checked it at 7:10am it was still visible but much higher and almost disappearing in the sky. When i checked it 10 mins later it was gone!!!! I have since informed the witness reporter.

High Speed Meteorite

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 05:45 am
Place: pinetown
Submitted by: D


I was in my car when I saw a huge bright light….it went from orange to blue to green…heading down on earth at the highest of speeds ive ever seen. I thought it was a plane crashing…but it disappeared before I could stop to have a better look.
It was the best sight ive ever seen in connection with the few shooting starts ive seen before. Ok I did make a wish thou….! 🙂

Meteor / Light in Roodepoort

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 06:00 am
Place: Westgate Mall in Roodepoot
Submitted by: Jaco Theunissen


Me and a guy from work were driving our normal route from Randfontein to Johannesburg. We drove past the informal settlement (Princess Crossing) behind Westgate Mall and we saw what appears like a falling light. It was still very early morning so the light was very bright. It had a tail like i have seen comets had and the tail burned with a green light. As we saw it both of us said its a UFO ,might just have been a meteor burning in the atmosphere

Meteorite seen Durban

Date: 15/06/2017
Time: 06:00 am
Place: Cato Ridge Durban
Submitted by:


I was riding to work on my motorcycle this morning. I saw a big burning object in the sky coming down with tremendous speed, faster than a plane could. I realised it was a meteorite. It seemed like it might have landed in SA. I haven’t seen any other reports from people living in Durban.