Anomalous Light, Pietermaritzburg – 22/11/2014 19:56

On the 22nd of November 2014 at approximately 19:56 an anomalous light was observed over Pietermaritzburg. The light, when first noticed, was traveling in a northerly direction but changed direction and began heading south-eastwards. The sighting lasted less than ten minutes before the object faded into the low level clouds. The light was an incandescent orange colour which did not pulsate or blink as one would expect an of airplane.

Weather conditions at the time of the sighting were overcast, with lighting observed on the western horizon. According to South African Weather Service merged radar/satellite charts, general wind direction was south-easterly throughout the low, mid and upper levels of the troposphere with wind speeds exceeding 15 knots in the midlevels.

Chinese lanterns have been ruled out as a possible explanation as the object moved in directions that do not match with the general wind speed or direction. Autokinesis and satellites have been ruled out as the sky was fully overcast with no stars visible.

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  1. Good observation.

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