Aircraft with oddly coloured lights

Time and date: 28 October 2014 at 11 PM
Place: Parklands, Tableview, Cape Town
Submitted by: Mischa du Toit

I was standing outside and just light up a good night cigarette when I heard something that sounded like a powerful jet that was moving faster than sound, because i heard the sound dragging behind the aircraft’s speed and it was way too big to be a jet and was pretty low, and i don’t stay near to an airport at all. My sighting was around 11 pm on tuesday night in parklands, tabelview, Cape Town, South Africa. The aircraft was at least as long as a jumbo public flight aircraft and had a quite a lot of oddly coloured lights and while I watched it time felt like it flew by really fast because I felt like it was only there for 2 minutes but my whole cigarette burnt out before I could smoke it.

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