Accidental Sighting in Nelspruit + Photo

I live on the west rand and have a friend who lives on a farm in the Nelspruit area. She has concerns about her one son possibly being an abductee and having some personal experience on the subject, we’ve discussed it during the past week and I’ve told her what signs to look for.. Today, 20 October 2013 at 12:48 she took a picture of her back yard which she sent, purely to show me what she looks out on from her back door…

I noticed something in the background and asked her what it was and she said that she hadn’t noticed it when she took the pic. I asked her to go out again and take a pic of the same spot. The brown cloud had shifted to behind the tree on the left.. In the first pic you can see the brown cloud in the distance with the object to the right..


When I zoomed in, there was another object to the left and lower down.. The pic taken minutes later shows the brown cloud having moved behind the tree on the left..



The last pic is an enlargement showing the cloud behind the tree..

When I pointed out what she’d accidentally photographed, she was stunned..!!

5 thoughts on “Accidental Sighting in Nelspruit + Photo

  1. What happened to the pics that clearly show 2 UFO’s in the background..? The pic posted only shows them behind the tree, not the first two pics submitted..??

    • Hi Pet. We noticed that, but the poster has only sent us this one photo and didn’t leave an email address, so we cannot contact him 🙁

      • Thank you for the reply. However, I am the POSTER, that’s how I know that there were more pics and that the one posted, doesn’t show the 2 craft, which the other pics do…?

        Please would you be so kind as to send me an e-mail address to which I can send the other pics which clearly show the 2 UFO’s that were accidentally photographed. The friend who sent the pics to me appears to be living in a “hotspot” and happened to photograph a number of Orbs in her backyard during the last few days as well and she will be sending these pics to me in the
        next few days.

        • Skywatchers

          Hi Pet,did you repost any of your pics spoken about above? I’ve submitted
          Pics of something huge in Cape Town’s skies,similar to the Phoenix
          Lights but it wasn’t posted either.

    • Hi Pet. Thanks for your reply. I think there is something wrong with our system – we only get one photo when someone uploads more than one. You can email the other photos to Thanks so much!

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