A triangle object on new years day – Kempton Park

Time and date: 1 January 2015
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Chemy

I live less than a kilometer from OR Tambo air port. 15 min after entering the new year i saw a black triangle with red light flying an east direction. It had a red light illuminating brighter than some flash lights that i saw everyday of passing planes that i see everyday. The other thing that made me more suspicious was the light it didnt flicker like what the red light of plane does. It was constant and when it was very close to the airport it switch off the lights thats when i saw it was triangle, that realy surprise me because if it was a plane it was not going to switch off the light. That made me to conclude that it was a UFO. The time it passed some people where still burning some fire works but what see was definately a UFO .if anyone was observing by that time could have seen it because it was cloudy which means the was no stars it was visible for ony 47 sec.

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  1. Hi Chemy.

    I live in the east of Pta, and although I unfortunately did not see the shape of the object, did I however see a bright orangy light coming from that direction. This was at about 12:18. Could it be the same anomaly as the one you witnessed ? At first I was not too bothered as we see many planes overhead, normally the red blinking light is very distinctive in the night sky, but this time there was none, and I believe the most disturbing factor was the speed it was moving. I have never before seen so much space covered in a few seconds. It then moved in to the clouds and I did not notice it again.

    • it was orange redish the light was not blinking and it was moving fast .i saw it when i came out watching some fire works which was being done by people who where celebrating new year i saw it around 00:15am it was moving in east direction

  2. I live In Capetown an travel alot with the train to Joburg.An on a day in last year I to some pictures of the landscape between Beaufort West an Prins Albert.That day all cellphone signals was off from the tunnels in Touws river up too that piont where I had took pictures of a Satellite dish stasion in the area quick snap shots in seconds when I look at the picture the landscape colour had look different of the same area but something had also appeared I notice in that seconds fotos a Big UFO in daylight an it dissappear I took more foto in that area but nothing but I have real proof of one on my Samsung Mobile Phone S4.I swipe the images back an forward it is just there a Big UFO.To this not strange at all.I saw it too again on new years eve 2015

  3. Please post the photo so we can see too 🙂

    • i tried to take a photo with my 3mega pixel smart phone,but my phone failed to take the images for what i saw ,and the other thing it was a cloudy night

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