8 “Fireballs” in Pretoria + Photo

Place: Wonderboom, Pretoria
Time and date: 20:20 2/04/2013
Submitted by: Donica Steyn

It was 8 red flying things it looked like fire balls, as soon as it reached a certain point it disappeared, I took photos, u can’t see it directly u need to zoom in quite close to see it perfectly.


3 thoughts on “8 “Fireballs” in Pretoria + Photo

  1. Can I maybe offer that it could be chines lanterns… Not saying what you saw was not strange but just offering a possible cause for the lights???

  2. We saw them in february! We also thought it was lanterns but it was too far and too big, we saw 3 fireballs. it was perfectly round and on fire

  3. Hi guys, this is most likely ball lightning.
    it happens often.

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