5 Day Warning: High Watch Alert

Date: 20/02/2017
Time: 02:40 am
Place: Cape Town
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Watch Warning: 20 to 25 February 2017

Primary Window: 02h20 to 03h50.

Advisory: Maintain high levels of surveillance.

4 thoughts on “5 Day Warning: High Watch Alert

  1. what does this mean? very confused?

    • Ehrhard Visser

      I was watching a cluster of flashing lights (like stars) moving in a circular motion over PTAs northernly night sky!!! (Im in PTA east) JUST NOW BEFORE THE CLOUDS COVERED! Went on for abot 15-20min! The cluster split with about 5 shooting in a Southernly direction making a couole of sudden moves before disppearing. The original cluster was still playing around and then the clouds xane in and covered them…. SHOCKING!!! how do u explaine something like this yo anyone else wthout veing ridiculed??

  2. Its True. Ive noticed as well 3 days consecutive sightings of ufo’s. Uou can be sure to spot them after the 1st day the same time.

  3. I just saw two UFO’s in the sky at 20:h01 big one infront followed by a small one behind

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