4 Orange Lights Moving Upwards – Kirstenhof

Time and date: 24 January 2015 at 11 PM
Place: Kirstenhof, Cape Town
Submitted by: Richard


I stay in kirstenhof and looked up around 11pm last night (24 january) and saw 4 orange/yellow coloured lights in the sky on a clear day. They looked like stars but were moving quickly across the night sky. The kept going further up and eventually the lights just disappeared. it was strange as if though they took a turn for the skies and just went straight up! first time i’ve ever seen anything like this. Could it have been 4 figther jets? My wife said she saw smoke from one of the lights but there were also clouds in the sky that could have appeared to be smoke. i wonder if anyone else saw this?

2 thoughts on “4 Orange Lights Moving Upwards – Kirstenhof

  1. My husband, myself and my son saw the same lights but there were 5 of them in the shape of a cross. It was the most strangest site.

  2. I saw one light. No noise. Just moving to the right and before it came to a cloud it just disappeared. I don’t know who believes me but I know what I seen that day. Now every night I’m fascinated by the starts… again one night myself, my boyfriend and his friend went a drive to Castlerock ni, looked up at the dark sky to see these wee tiny star like lights floating about. In all directions. Can’t say that ain’t aliens.

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