3 ufo’s divrent dates

Date: 14/07/2016
Time: 09:46 pm
Place: Uvongo , Kwazulunataal.
Submitted by: Eugene


There are 3ufo’s divrent dates and divrent times at night.

This hapend in Uvongo, kzn , south africa

1st one i saw whas 2015 desember 27 at 22:43. From the stoop i can c on the sea a red light it moved xtreamly fast over the sea and it whent back in a few sec it was gone. There whas no sound onely it moving extreamly fast and its round shape .

2nd one i saw was 2016/4/13 at 22:15. I whas siting on the stoep and whatching the stars after 30 min i saw white light in space going straigt for a star with a fast spead when it got close to the star it moved exteamly fast at 90° left and fas forward and again 90° right and after that he moved so fast in a vew sec he whas gone.

3d one whas 4june 2016 at 21:50. Whas looking at stars and the same ufo ship as last one i saw fly as vast as the previos one i saw. This one whent all the way straight close to a star and went 30 – 40° left and ehent on.

The speeds this ufos moves is not planes or space ships they move so vast.

This whas my fist of them all. Hapend in Orkney ,nw , south africa.

The firs huge uvo i saw whas in 2005 it whas at knight me, my parents , my brother braaid . So it whas around 22:00 . I will never forget it i can still c it clear and think of that every day. It whas litle bid cloudy but at that time i saw huge brigt lights turning . This i realise it is a uvo it whad bigger than half the town and it whas on one place for 20 min then it whas gone the lights whas standing still with the ufo ship and the botom peace of ufo turning. The botom peace that turns go over the lights and the gap betwean them is light then body then light. But if i can draw perfect i would draw that ufo like i saw it. The same one whas a few days after that on a other place where i worked in a field at night.

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  1. Wow! Please remember to grab your cellphone next time and record or snap a few pics

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