3 shapes over Cape Town On New Year

Date: 01/01/2017
Time: 12:12 am
Place: Higgovale, Cape Town
Submitted by: Simon Tatt


It was just after the fireworks in Cape Town Harbour had died down. I was sitting on the steps in the garden out the back of the house, when I noticed a circular shape, kind of like a doughnut shape, changing colours between orange and pinkish and moving fairly quickly from south west to north east (estimated direction). Immediately following the circular shape was a triangle, also pinky orange in colour. Right behind that was a long oblong shape, same colours. All of the shapes were rotating slowly or wobbling slightly on a common axis. They all appeared to be hollow, no solid shape to them, just outlines. They appeared to be all in a straight line and all undulating or wobbling slightly. The last sight I had was of the long oblong object disappearing from view behind some trees. The oblong shape moved in a similar way to one of those long oblong shipboard radars that slowly revolve. There was no sound at all from any of the objects.. I could not identify them as either drones, helicopters or aeroplanes, (at least not any I could identify and I am an aviation enthusiast.) It was difficult estimating altitude as I am not sure what size they were but I guessed at between 700ft to 1000ft above where I was sitting. I guess then that each object was probably not more than 15ft across.
I have never seen anything like this before.

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