3 lights moving strangly

Date: 07/09/2018
Time: 08:30 pm
Place: Cape Town
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I was in my garden around 8:30 pm looking at Venus as I often do, admiring how bright it was. As I turned to head inside I saw 2 “stars” fairly low in the south that seemed out of place. I noticed that one was very bright, the same brightness as Venus. The bright one was white (looked exactly like Venus) and the dimmer one, just below it, was slightly orange. I noticed that they were moving southward in a straight line, so I thought they could be satellites. But as I watched I noticed they were zigzagging, or “wobbling” slightly. At the same time I also noticed that a third light was moving along with them, and that the bright light had dimmed to about the same brightness as the other two.
A few seconds later they starting moving in “circular” patterns, or at least they were changing direction, but still moving together in the same direction. Over the next few seconds they slowly faded away until I couldn’t see them anymore.
I have no idea what they could have been, they gave the impression of being quite far away, so if they were making a sound I couldn’t hear anything. They didn’t behave like anything I’m familiar with. It all happened quite quickly so even though I thought of grabbing my phone to film, I knew they could be gone by the time I returned.
I was actually going to try forget about the whole thing but the more I thought about it the more it bothered me, so I decided to report it here then try forget about it 🙂

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  1. We saw one object as you described on saturday evening, moving south, then dissapearing, was as bright as a star in the night..Was about 7:30 in evening.

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