20 – 30 UFOs in Centurion

Dear friends,
My husband and I also saw between 20-30 of these orange lights between 11 and 1 on new years eve. They moved in all directions from the other side of the hill over the house coming from all directions.

I did some further investigations and it so happens that these were sighted all over the world, New Zealand, Russia, Jamaica, various counties in US including California … Interestingly a crop circle was seen the following day there, in the middle of nowhere.

I did further investgation and found this link, very interesting. Please note that this statement was made 30 December 2013. You can also google the speaker and you will see he even made a dlaclaration to his government.


There is a 90 interview with Mr Fulham, please do yourself a favour and listen to this, you will understand more on what is currently happening.

Remember, knowledge is power.


2 thoughts on “20 – 30 UFOs in Centurion

  1. Hi

    Firstly please note that I just posted a video of a UFO. So I’m a believer 😉

    It’s a shame we couldn’t see video’s of these lights.

    They sound a bit too many, on new years eve and all moving together and orange.

    A lot of times Chinese Lanterns are mistaken as UFO’s.

    These sound very much suspicious.

    That’s why its always great for the guys out there to try and take a pic, even if its a bit out of focus or far away.

    Keep them eyes to the skies.


  2. Hi there

    I also stay in centurion and I saw 2 red/orange objects moving over our complex that night. Very strange but not the 1st sighting we have had here, glad to see we have a official siye going now.

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