2 White Lights Moving Above Seapoint, Cape Town

Date: Friday, 22 March 2019.

As I was chatting to my friend looking at the view over Seapoint, I saw 2 concentrated lights (looked like back lights of a triangular shaped, invisible aircraft, moving in parrallal, they were slightly in the cloud cover. They faded out, and faded back in, with the movement at a steady pace, then disappeared again.
The only logical explanation for this is someone shining 2 bright white torches into the clouds, but it was more like mist with white solid, concentrated lights flying through, not dispersed and refracted. It certainly looked like a silent aircraft casually flying through the city. It was very strange. My friend claims she saw light in her peripheral vision, but she couldn’t see it from the angle she was facing. Anyone else see it?

One thought on “2 White Lights Moving Above Seapoint, Cape Town

  1. Hey i stay in Potchefstroom i have seen 2 lights flying very high up above the clouds fading in an out an funmy part wen thy near a star thy go around it more like getting out of the way.i have seen these twice on different nights but same place i always sit at night definetly not aircrafts coz their are so high up an the speed their moving at is different.

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