2 sightings over Hottentots Holland Mountains

Date: 20/09/1995
Time: 06:00 pm
Place: Mountains at Gordon's Bay
Submitted by: Tony Gassner


Dates approximate but soon after majority rule in S.A. In both cases no sound at all.

1st sighting from a residence on mountain slopes at Gordon,s Bay from outdoors. Twilight so visibility low. No lights observed. Zero cloud.

Object charcoal grey, triangular size and shape as for U.S. stealth aircraft.

Flight path along and over mountains. duration about 15 seconds. Light S.E. wind so not a glider. No other witnesses.

I am a retired professional aviator with a good level of observational skills.

I was a licenced hang gliding pilot.

2nd sighting was from Somerset West from a residence also outdoors approximately early afternoon. Clear blue sky with no cloud.

Object over mountains about 15 Km distance est. No discernible shape or size, appeared as a dark formless anomaly small but significantly different from the sky. From the viewing point movement was between about 10 to 20 degrees above the mountains and about 20 degrees in azimuth. ‘flight’ extremely rapid instantaneously reappearing at random for the next short static interval. total duration was in the order of 10 to 15 seconds. Acceleration observed would have produced crushing G forces and could not possible have been an insect, or man-made object.

The area concerned was close to or over where the S.A. space-rocket site was located.

I have no interest in any publicity, but if it is of use, am not averse to my name being used if it ads veracity.


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  1. Hallo

    The year 2000 and again 2013 family and I experienced sightings of black triangular craft with lights at each point and a bright blueish light in the middle. The 2000 sighting a bean came down from middle light. First sighting was near Hartbeespoort dam and second one just outside George, Garden Route. Both sightings late at aroung midnight anf close to our cars. Visibility good. Craft disappeared suddenly with no sound after hovering in one place for few minutes. Email me plz: stoffie7@gmail.com thanks

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